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Oil Sands

Boreal Land brings our clients over 20 years of experience in Crown surface land acquisition for Alberta’s oil sands explorers and developers. This extensive experience translates to Boreal submitting more OSE applications than any other broker each year. Whether your organization is a large, established oil sands producer or a new, small startup venture, our staff’s depth of knowledge of regulatory processes ensures you will receive focused guidance toward achieving successful surface acquisitions.

Our diverse and experienced staff of land use specialists, reclamation specialists, land agents, and land administrators allows Boreal Land to participate in your project from planning to application, approval, execution, and reclamation. Our diverse set of skills also allows our team to identify and address the environmental or regulatory constraints of your project early in the process, reducing the possibility of delays.


Below are links to our core service areas that are essential to any oil sands exploration or development project:


              Environmental & Field Services

              Stakeholder & Indigenous Relations 

              Reclamation & GIS Mapping

              Surface Land Administration