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Environmental & Field Services

Boreal Land’s diverse team of professionals enables us to comprehensively and adequately assess your projects both virtually and on-site. Our environmental planning and field based solutions reduces regulatory uncertainty and costs, while saving time.


Planning and field based services include:

  • Coordinating with your construction, regulatory, and stakeholder teams through all phases of project implementation.
  • Scouting and identifying suitable locations and completing the program application with our land use specialists.
  • Providing survey crews and construction consultants.
  • Conducting pre-application environmental assessments, from single dispositions up to entire commercial projects.
  • Compiling and completing environmental reports required for applications (EFR’s, EAP Schedules, Conservation & Reclamation Plans, DFO / Water Act Approvals).
  • Field regulatory auditing to ensure you are properly interpreting and adhering to the various conditions and regulations that govern field execution of a project.